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Program Description

The Constructing Our Future (COF) program combines extensive training in life skills with many hours spent on education and practice in building trades and residential maintenance. Participants spend the last years of incarceration rehabilitating abandoned homes and earning their own homes through sweat equity while gaining highly marketable job skills.


Qualified COF participants must demonstrate:

1.     A willingness to complete vocational training programs and the required groups and classes designed to improve character and life skills;

2.     The ability to be a productive member of a dynamic team that includes other participants, volunteers and training staff;

3.     An enthusiastic commitment to our mission to rehabilitate abandoned homes and properties; and

4.     The faithfulness and discipline to show up on time, every time; the humility to be respectful and accountable to one another; and the commitment to always act with integrity and honor.

Additionally, participants must:

5.     Have earned a high school diploma or GED;

6.     Have at least two years remaining executed time; and

7.     Continue to maintain good conduct in and out of the classroom.


  • Program acceptance

  • Vocational Training

  • Life Skills Training


  • Participating as part of the work crew

  • Renovating abandoned homes in Indianapolis and revitalizing surrounding neighborhoods

  • Pursuing the U.S. Department of Labor Apprentice Certification in building trades


Once the participants are released, they are eligible to reside at the program’s “Home Base,” where they will establish a case plan, connect with and strengthen their support system, and gain outside employment, all while continuing to put in hours renovating homes.  The ultimate goal is that the participant will eventually own a home, renovated with their learned skills and hard labor.